Bespoke Kitchen Splashbacks for North London Customers

Back painted colour glass panels are a stylish, practical and modern approach to brightening up your North London kitchen.

It is now possible to create a wonderful feeling of depth, space and light in your North London kitchen using large spans of coloured glass.

We offer superior quality glass splash backs for kitchens. Give your kitchen walls a splash of personal style and uniqueness - it's more affordable than you think!

What range of colours are kitchen splash backs available in?

Choose from a wide range of vibrant luxurious colours for your splashbacks, or alternatively let us colour match to your existing kitchen appliances and fittings. We can advise you on suitable colours if you want to make a feature of your new kitchen splash back. Since the glass itself is not actually tinted, just the rear surface, the choice of finish is really only limited by your imagination:

  • RAL™ colours
  • Metallics
  • Primary colours
  • Monochromes
  • Appliance matching
  • ANY colour matched

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Premium North London kitchen splash backs at affordable prices

Our products are custom created out of toughened glass with polished edges for a safe, even, attractive finish. We can measure and professionally fit splash backs in your kitchen without disrupting the rest of your North London home.

Do I need new kitchen fixtures and fittings?

No, not at all. Power sockets, light switches and other wall-mounted fixtures in your North London kitchen don't need to be moved or changed - we will work around your existing layout. Our kitchen splash backs in North London are cut and sized to fit perfectly.

How does back painted glass work?

Back painted kitchen splash backs are becoming increasingly popular in North London homes. They offer a more hygienic, easy-to-clean alternative to tiles, stainless steel and granite.

  • Cut to Shape
    We take premium quality low-iron glass and cut it with a specialised diamond blade, to fit with the shape of your chosen kitchen surface.
  • Apply Colour
    We then apply a number of coats of a specially formulated glass-adhering paint to the back surface of the kitchen splash back. The colour is seen through the front, yet protected by a gorgeous glossy glass surface.
  • Fix in Place
    We use professional low-modular adhesive to attach the splash backs to the chosen walls in your kitchen.

We have already supplied and fitted back painted splash backs to many kitchens in properties around North London. Why not let us quote for your North London splash back and give your kitchen a beautiful contemporary feel.

Some of our previous kitchen splash back work in North London:

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